MH - To Demo or Not To Demo - that is the question!

I own a small MHP. I am in the process of selling the park. I own a few of the homes and one of them is very rough including mold on the ceiling etc. I believe repairs would probably not be worth the rehab. It is a single-wide. I will already have a crew on site cleaning so this would minimize my expense for removal.

I have had mixed input as to whether or not to demo.

Some say to demo and remove completely, making the space ready for a replacement home.
Others say I should leave the old home regardless of condition in the event (a.) potential buyer prefers to rehab. (b.) The risk of permitting process / costs etc through the city/county for a replacement home.

Experienced advice greatly appreciated!

I know this is way late in the game but wanted to know how you did on your park? We have a small one in colorado that we re trying to turn around but I dont know if I have the fortitude to continue. How did you find your buyer? Did you use a commercial realtor?

Actually not too late. It is not sold. I recently listed with a local residential agent. My park is in a very small town. I am actually an agent myself but my park is too far away from where I live and I prefer to market my personal properties with a different agent to protect myself. I considered listing with a Commercial agent but found it difficult due to my location / price point. It is only an 8 space park listed for $350k which is competitive in comparison to other WA MHP’s, the local multi-family market, and cap rates etc. If I lived closer to it, there isn’t a chance I would sell. But… reality. Too far away from me to properly manage. I believe listing with an agent is ideal, by providing you maximum exposure to the global market and protecting you throughout the process. Good luck!