MH roof coating

What is the most cost efficient roof sealant/protector? The roof of my MH is metal (I’m guessing aluminum or tin). I want to seal the corners and seams to ensure it doesn’t leak. I found online that Henry Tropical-Cool 100% Silicone is the best, but it costs $350 for 5 gallons. There are elastomeric roof sealers for between $100 and $200 for 5 gallons. Any advice would be appreciated …

Thank you.

The Henry’s Tropical Cool is the best stuff.
The labor is the big expense on these roofs. You have to hire the right guy to do it or they will do more harm than good.

The cheaper products will not work as well or last as long. In the long term you always get what you pay for. Don’t cheep out, spend the $350 per on the Henry.

Thank you gentlemen for your responses. What would be a fair cost for labor to seal the roof of a 12’’ x 58’’ mobile home?

It’s our first time trying to repair and sell a mobile home. Currently most of the homes in our park are park owned home. We appreciate your input.


I pay $1,000 for labor, and I buy the materials.

You can do it yourself—the trick is to get a ladder and a long pole for your roller. You don’t want to walk on the roof.