MH Repairs - Punch list!

Hey Guys,

That mobile home that I just picked up has some repairs from the park manager that need to be done. The two that need to be done right away are 1) Skirting fixed - couple spots 2) put 4x4 boards around the skirting to protect from weed eating tearing up skirting. My question is how do I do this and how do I do it on the cheap!

I just purchased Mike S.'s rehabbing mobile homes dvd course to get some hints, but I wanted to hear from the vets here first.

Also, the manager mentioned something about residing the home and painting or staining the deck. I told him I thought deck was fine and then he said it will need to be done sometime.

Do you guys leave this for the new buyer to do later>? i am inclined to sell it that way…I dont want to fork the money over.

Also, one other improvement was windows…they are leaking and need screens.

Overall, how do you handle the repairs with the park manager. Id like to just sell it and pass them along.

What say you?

All the best,

John - IA


Be careful about blowing off the PM because YOU want to sell as-is. If he is trying to work with you, you need to work with him so everybody wins. Did he tell you he wanted these things done on this home before or after you bought it? If before, you should follow through with the requested repairs or you are done in that park. If he came up with these afterward, negotiate one thing over the other. Unless you are in a dumpy park, the PMs want you to spend money on the home to make their park look better.

Remember, the outside look is what is important to them. It doesn’t matter to them if there are no floors and you can see the ground when you’re inside. (That is a gross overstatement to make a point).

Landscape timbers are cheaper than 4 x 4s. Get enough to go around the home. Drill two 1/2 holes through them and drive 8" pieces of 3/8 rebar through them. Re-fasten bottom track to top of timber, cut bottom of skirting to fit. Usually you’ll cut out most of the holes in the skirting this way.

Use clear silicone caulk to re-caulk windows. Make screens yourself from parts from Lowe’s.


This is the same way We install skirting. When I drill the holes I make them snug on the rebar to keep the timbers from getting loose. And when you replace the skirting you can flip it over and hide the remaining holes near the edge.

In the future, ask the park manager before you buy the home, what repairs will be required by the park. Knowing the needed repairs up front will help you in your negotiations with the seller.

Kevin Long