MH repair labor

Hey All,

Question for you: to rehab the entire interior of a 1300 sqft single wide 2 bedroom mobile home to get new carpet, flooring, drywall, paint, and kitchen counter tops how much would you say labor cost would be roughly?

Depends entirely upon the level of finish you want, how bad the trailer currently is, and what labor goes for in your area. We’ve done a few of these, and labor clocks in at about 8K -10K for a nice redo, but we are in a smaller Michigan town.

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Hi, Gulliver. We do each MH rehab around 10K-15K in one or two weeks. Depending on the level of damage and/or the finishes you want. My crew and I have the main objective of give you the home in the less time possible so it is in the market very soon. Each crew enter a house, rehab it completely and the move to the next one, so the investor minimize vacancy time.
Glad to help you.

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Thank you guys for the responses!

What states do you work in? I am buying a park in Pennsylvania that has five homes that need rehab.

Hi. Thanks for asking.
We are working at the moment in Texas. Could prepare a crew to go out of the state. Maybe at the end of August we can talk and come to an agreement to do the job.
We’ll be happy to help you and rehab the houses so you can put them in the market.
Can call me at 305.588.7348