Mh park mentor houston, tx

First off, DO NOT TRY AND SELL ME YOUR BOOT CAMP. All boot camps do, is make me want to put my size 15 boot upside someone head. I do not learn at such a rushed pace. It is not your fault it is mine. I can not absorb at such a fast pace.

I will buy a course but I think boot camps are fools market. I am no where near your average investor. This month February I have 3 homes I have bought and the seller have paid me $12,000 dollars between all 3 to take them on. I will then sell of them to investors for 5 k each and they will take over the notes and landlord headaches. Oh I will get a down payment from Tenant Buyers as well. How is that game plan? I make money, but it is not what I want. This is a never ending wheel I can not get off of as long as I am in single family homes.

My name is Michael Matthews. I am a 34 year old male that made the choice to change his life for the better. I spent 1.5 years in Kandahar Afghanistan driving convoy so I could save up my money and invest Real Estate. I returned to America in Feb 2006 with a nice bit of change in my bank. Since then I have purchased 12 mobile homes. I owner financed all of them out so I needed cash. So I learned how to buy single family homes with no money out of pocket since then I have purchased 28 single family homes as well. I also lead the Mobile Home Focus Group for R.I.C.H. the Real Estate Investment Club of Houston. I am also an active Toast Master. So I am doing what I know how to improve on life.

After the last 3 years I have realized that single family homes are not designed to cash flow and I am trying to sell off all of my homes. My focus is to buy a mobile home park, I do not want to acquire anymore Mobile Homes until I own the pads that they will be set up on. Thanks to all the students in my class I have new Bird Dogs looking for deals for me every month. Deals I move for a referral fees, ect.

I ask for someone to Mentor me in Buying and Inspecting Mobile Home Parks. I am currently cold calling every mobile home park that is listed on the tax roles all the way up from Galveston TX to Cleveland Texas. Basically about 80 Miles in every direction form the center of Downtown Houston. I will also be sending them some letters on hand written envelopes to grab their attention very soon. I expect a better than average response. I alreadt have what I belive are good deals from the phone calls

What I am offing is this, I will pay you a small fee,in exchange for your mentoring. I will be more than happy to make you an equity partner in some of the parks I purchase; You will also have first knowledge of all park leads that we get. Please understand none of these parks are listed with Brokers, so that saves a lot of headache I would believe. If we are not interested in them or it does not seem right for a beginner we will give you these leads in exchange for a Referral fee if you are able to buy the park.

My single family Home mentor is Sean Arnold the former director of Education for RICH, He owns over 200 + single family homes and he has bought all of them with no money out of pocket, he will testify that I am an excellent student and I do not quit. To be honest I believe that I am his best student, I just have never asked him if I was. From all the speaches he has me give I assume that goes without saying.

If you give me the chance I will make you proud and never provide opportunity for you to lose face among your peers.

Thanks for your Time.