MH industry outside North America?

MH industry outside North America ?

Is anybody knowledgeable about the existence of a MH industry outside North America, say in South America: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay or Chile ?

Tell me what you can, please.


I can check into it in Brazil. I’m going to Fortaleza in Northern brazil throughout the month of March.

Leaving March 5.

I’ll let you know. Out of curiosity, what brought about the question?


Thank you for answering my post. Also, I thank you in advance for your efforts on my behalf in Brazil. Please let me know of any additional expenses you will incur because of extra research. Your question demands a frank 2-part answer: 1. Sometimes I get strange ideas which I would like to learn more about and thereby expand my understanding of the idea.

  1. I have 3 children (18, 21, 24). Don’t be affronted if I tell you that I see some very ugly times ahead for our beloved USA. I expect a major economic depression which will be faulted on some foreign country(ies), and which will historically precipitate a major war. I have been on the front lines of such a war and don’t intend my children to be exposed to or sacrificed for the psychopathic whims of our “leaders,” the military industrial complex, and of course the financing industry as we know it. I have taught my children the principles and concepts which created our country, and which should serve them well in their lives. And finally, to have a second dig in one of the beautiful South American countries can only enhance one’s quality of life.