MH Finance companies

Hi folks,

We want to provide our customers with a list of companies that finance mobile homes that we sell (used for now, and in the future, maybe new).

This list would ideally have company name, contact info, and criteria (age/type of home, minimum credit score, minimum d/p, sample or minimum APR, points & fees, etc).

I am sure a lot of people are not planning to self-finance mobile home sales. They may know the answer to this.

Others are doing self-financing, and they may have a list already to avoid charges of “steering.”

If I don’t hear anything I’ll go around trying to collect the information and I’ll share it with whoever wants.




We don’t do financing of Mobile Homes but would be interested in a list of people that do if you come up with anything.


Leighnae Fabian

George Allen publishes a list of all national and regional lenders every year. I’m sure if you call or email him he will be able to supply what you need.

How would one get in touch with George Allen?

Just Google him.

Just returned from the Louisville show. 21st Mortgage, Triad, US Bank and a few others were there. All do Chattel loans.


Thanks, Bret. I just saw your response on the cheap homes thread, and I wanted to thank you in both places.