MH Event

The event in Morganton was great and I just wanted to thank Ryan, his family, all of the speakers and everyone who helped put on the event for doing such an outstanding job. It was educational and inspiring.



You put on a heck of an event. Good times with new friends and great to see old friends once again.

I certainly appreciate all the hard work you and your family undertook to make it all happen.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the next event to hear about all the new deals they have done.


Great Job Ryan

Lonnie deals and park ownership sure look easy to me after your event. Thanks for the stair step of information that will lead anyone who will take action directly to the opportunity door I call financial freedom.

I am always amazed at what I learn at these events and I am already in the business. Knowledge is so powerful when combined with action.

Thanks Again

Rick Ewens

Thank you Ryan & Jennifer for putting on such a great event this past weekend And what a nice weekend it was. You can both take pride in knowing that by sharing your time, knowledge and friendship, you have changed some lives for the better. The world needs more people like you.


Hi Ryan,

Great job…As a beginner this was just what I needed. All I can say if anybody didn’t leave inspired, they must have been in the wrong place. The sharing of knowledge was so welcoming and open from everyone. Before attending I had spent a great deal of time reading new and old post on this forum, it was really nice to meet the folks and be able to put a face with the name.

Thanks again to you and your family.



Thanks for the kind words all, I had a great time putting on the event and Jennifer and I both enjoyed meeting everyone. The biggest reward for me these days is seeing the light bulb go on in someone

I was thinking about all the new people I met and experiences I gained between the 2 mobile home events I attended this last week in Atlanta and Morganton.The people I met were fantastic and I know some of them will take action with the information Ryan presented and some day look back at how easy it really is to become financially free.

The experience that stands out most though is how smelly mobile homes can be and how much they smell like old dollar bills. Really I use to count lots of money when I owned convenience stores and I am amazed how much a old mobile home smells like those stacks of green backs.

One more thing I have never been through an older mobile home without finding money. I always find change laying all around on the floors. This might say something about the financial responsibility and knowledge of our typical mobile home tenant. I dont know about you guys but I never walk by loose change and I definetly dont leave any laying around.

Good Luck and I hope you all make some great investments.

Rick Ewens

I enjoyed the Morganton event and this past weekend and meeting all the people involved in the business. Reading your post Rick seemed timely. You said you always find money in old homes, I bought a 1994 single wide Monday from the state. The widowed owner had to be put in a nursing home and the state is selling the mobile home to pay for long term care (these come up quite a bit and I have a good contact in the right office so I go look at a lot of these). The state had movers come in late last week to move her personal belongings to storage before I took title on Monday. Her case worker came across a briefcase in the trailer with $113,000 cash in it. Guess I will have to settle for just the mailbox money on that one.


How many people attended? How many were seasoned vs. newbies>




We had 40 total, 8 seasoned regular posters, about 12-14 total that had done at least one mobile home deal, a couple real estate agents, a couple stick built folks looking for cashflow and something over 20 that we’re completely green. It was a great group of folks and I think it turned out to be a pretty decent weekend overall!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler


Once again Great Job! Thank you.

Angela could not have said it any better; the event was educational and inspiring.

I also wanted to thank Tony, Dr.B, Lonnie, Rick, Brenda and everyone else that took time to help educate and inspire.


I got kick backs for several folks with the forms that were sent out, if you attended the event and have not received your forms please email me so that I can get it corrected for you.

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

Hi Lonnie,

I also wanted to say “thanks” for all that you have done. I recently saw you at the seminar in Arlington, and it was great to see you again! Since Mobile Home Millions in San Diego when we first met, I’ve continued with it and it’s been a great experience. It was so nice to see you and Joanne again. Thanks so much for all your help!


p.s. I tried to send you an email to your cox account, but it came back undeliverable. I’ll try again in a few days, thanks again! :slight_smile: