Did anyone on the forum use a mentor/consultant to help with the first few MHP purchases? Thank you for your help.

Going through it now without one. Realizing there are dangers and laws I’m not even aware of yet. I think the course would shed some light on all this. The only reason I haven’t ordered it is due to my own confidence issues.

I strongly recommend a partner with experience or hiring a consultant to be a second set of eyes. I had a partner and it made all the difference in the world. I have been a consultant and I think if you asked the people I have helped, it very much helped in the process. My most current person walked away from many deals prior to settling on the current one. I am sure he would tell you that even though his profession is in the real estate business, his process was much more clear with a set of experienced eyes along side his. I know Frank used to do consulting on a purchase… though I am not sure he still offers that… maybe he will chime in…