Master Meter Water

Is there a water master meter even on city water systems, or is the master meter just another liability?

apparently this was a bad/unclear question…lol

So a ‘master meter’ is one big water meter that gets read by the city, and one bill comes to the park owner. If you have a master meter and you want to pass on the cost of the utility- water, electric, gas… you need to put in ‘sub meters’ at each unit, or allocate the charges between the tenants. The best world is if the city reads and bill for the water usage. In that case each home would have its own ‘master meter’. Master metered water is very common. In some older parks master meter gas and electric exist also. Any time you hear ‘master meter’ you know that the park owner ‘owns’ the infrastructure between the meter and the units or sub meters. This can be very, very bad. When a system fails the cost to resupply is quite costly. So- the more ‘master metered’ stuff in your park- the higher the CAP and lower the value. Each adds a new level of risk. 

That’s what I was thinking but the info I have so far is that the tenants are direct billed as well. Is just have to be crystal clear on the setup first.

Thanks for the response