Marketing to local employers

I’m trying to figure out a plan to market homes to local employers.

I was thinking of contacting the human resource department of local factories and send them info on my park and typical homes for sale in it.

Has anyone tried this? Any positive results?


Yes, I’ve done that. But I did it for RV sections of a park. I would go to a new company opening a plant, or a company that was expanding rapidly, and informed them of my available RV spaces. These type of situations attract contractors in RVs, as well as workers who live in RVs temporarily or full time. I had good success with it, as the companies were receptive to having RV spaces that they could direct people to when asked. All you have to have is a good looking flyer that they can mail or email out with their “welcome” package.

Join the SHRM (society of Human resources Mgt) in your area. Great bunch of folks. Theyre

the guys Frank is talking about.


We contact the Superintendents of these big jobs - union or otherwise. Power plants were a big deal here for a couple years - new, clean stacks. We filled up with RVs, charged a premium and they stayed 3 yrs. It was sweet.

I like the SHRM idea too.

BTW - Economic Development Partnerships (most counties have them) are excellent resources for what is coming as well. The heads of EDPs are the recruiters for bringing in jobs. Another angle and facet tot he diamond.