Marketing of Rental Homes

Can anyone share any ideas with me on how best to market the Rental Mobile Homes in our Park. Any and all ideas would be appreciated.



Just show the renters with a small down payment they can be owners instead renters. You can even make their payment less than the rent they are paying now. You wont be responsible for repairs anymore so it is better for you also.



Find out where the tenants go to find housing, it’s normally a small ad rag or a local paper. The key I’ve found is to offer what others aren’t to get the best tenants available at the time… which can sometimes be tough with MH’s in parks.

Our main niche in our rental units seem to be young families and older folks that have small inside pets that aren’t welcomed else where. We also try to keep the rents just a little below what other similar units are running.

My personal favorite ad right now is:

bedroom 14 x 70, (I change to MH if <14 wide) Morganton / Drexel area. $$$ per month, $$$ deposit, no criminal background, Small inside pets welcome ###-###-####

Find a niche in your market and fill it. =)

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler