Marketability of old 10 foot wide homes

I’m looking at a park that has many old 10 foot wide homes. I’m not sure on the exact dimensions because the broker is incompetent and doesn’t know, but based on street view and google earth I’d estimate that many of the homes are 10 feet wide. Many of the homes are abandoned, so the purchaser would have to renovate and try and sell the units. How marketable are renovated 10 foot wide homes? In my first park I haven’t had much trouble moving renovated 1970s 12 foot wide homes, but it seems like there could be a pretty big difference between 10 and 12 feet.

I’d agree. Today’s MH renters, and especially RTOers, want 14’- and 16’-wide homes. They don’t seem to care how small the children’s rooms are, but they all want a ‘large’ MBR. ‘Large’ basically means a master bedroom into which they can fit a king-sized bed.

The 10’-wides in your park have $0 value. Really, they probably have about a -$2,000 value because you’ll have to remove them to make way for more modern homes.



Did you run a test ad and, if so, what was the level of demand? If you got 40 calls in a week, you can probably sell or rent almost anything as shelter. That being said, Jefferson is correct that 10’ wide homes are tough, as the rooms are really small normally. You might see if another park has any 10’ wide homes for sale, and pretend to be looking for a home for your sister-in-law and feel out how that park owner is doing with it. There’s no way to scientifically measure if the homes will work or not prior to taking them over, other than a gut feel based on demand and what the competition has to offer. This would be a much easier question if the homes were 8’ wide, as those are traditionally impossible to sell or rent – the rooms are no bigger than those in an RV and the bathroom would only hold one of the legs of a typical tenant.