Mapping out septic leech lines/drain feilds

I’ve talked to one fella who rigged up an RF device and snakes it through and then uses a wand to detect the RF and then map it out. I’ve got quite a few drain fields where I do not know the exact locations.Are there any good products out there I can use to map septic/drain fields with ease? I may also need to get into the well pipes to determine their exact paths through my park. Any tips?

As a buyer you did not require a detailed map of water and sewers? When we put in our new water system 2013 we knew our system but had to have an engineer draw it out showing location and size of waterline to meet DEQ specks. For buyers you need to have the seller give you an engineer rendering of the infrastructure at the time of sale or get ready for some big surprises. For the septic systems wait till you have a problems and generally the problem will surface. I cannot image a buyer today purchasing a property without the utilities identified and stamped by an engineer unless a fire sale. I have bought a park with no knowledge of waterlines or septic tanks at auction since the property was worth twice what I paid for it–that was not a risk since it had 1200’ of deep water frontage that would work for plus 1/2 million dollar homes!

I got it at a 16 cap so took on some risk. I did inherit a hand sketch of the well system with a PUD intertie as a backup. DOH info on the septic systems but detail is sparse.

Price and terms can cure all ills (except environmental pollution).

So when you want to sell at a 12 cap or better why would a new owner be happy with a sketch or questionable information by you? Your so-called good buy will be only know when you sell or if a new owner gives you a pass. When we are forced to upgrade our systems and get state approval of same having paper work satisfactory to the regulators is becoming a necessity and also to most buyers. When I show potential buyers my engineered and stamped drawing of our systems most minds are satisfied by our diligence and really I try to stay ahead of the regulatory curve that will be more confiding as to our future options. EPA’s fingers are being noticed and it will not be easier in the future since they are not just enforcing the laws but making laws that will in the end only stifle business since government does not produce wealth. The lead and copper regulations by EPA is being enforced by DEQ but they question WHY park operators have to do the test since they know our perimeters are fine, but water sitting overnight in a tenants home can be corrupted by his fixtures and thus fail and then we are forced to retake and retake. Have a great 4th of JULY