Manhole covers

I had a bizarre accident happen yesterday and I need help in finding a way to prevent another such happening. It would be kind of funny if the potential for serious injury were not so high:

I have large manhole covers that follow the sewer line in my community. These are in people’s yards. Some damn brats pulled off a cover and a resident fell down it while mowing his yard. He’s banged up a bit but will live. I offered to pay anything his insurance will not cover.

How do I solve this problem? Is there some way to buy manhole covers with a locking mechanism? Has anyone else ever had this problem? I hate to spend the money but I have visions of having to call my insurance agent and that would be no fun.



Rolf, a quick google of the subject produced this link which looks promising:

You may want to look at the additional hits by typing “locking manhole covers” into google.


we have manhole covers that screw down and are domed. that prevents people from standing on them, and there are 10-12 screws in each one, so it is usuall too much work for kids to take apart. let me know i can email you pics or try to get you a manufacturer name.



Yes, by all means, send me whatever info you have. Any info you have is appreciated.