Manager replacement and compensation

I recently had my manager submit notice that he will be moving in three weeks, but will stay on and help manage the park during the transition to the new manager.Has anyone ever hired a new manager remotely without ever visiting the property yourself?  How did the process go?Also, what compensation ranges/formulas are other park owners paying their managers?  This is a 45 space park with several Rent Credit Program homes.

Pay your manager:* $10/occupied lot* $5/occupied house* $10/lot for mowingWe’ve never (yet) hired anyone without meeting them in person.  But we’d be open to it.  Try FaceTime or Skype to do a video interview.Good luck,-jl-

Thanks Jefferson, is that total compensation, or do you give any break on the lot rent too?

We’d pay probably $500 per month cash plus free lot rent. Not much for a manager to do in a park of that size, except show homes.