Manager Pay - benefits, incentives, other

i am a park investor for the 3rd time - i want to hear what everyone thinks is a good pay for my manager - im looking for the manager i have now (very good by the way) to stay on board and grow with me. he can do everything from managing to rehab on his own and i live out of state and dont want to lose him. i have a high turn over rate and he stays very busy every day. i am realizing the value of a good manager (less stress, more income, and long term) and i think this guy would move around with me and stay to grow if i could supplement a good income well enough for it to be worth his time. so on top of free lot rent whats good for always saving me thousands a year on contractors and other professionals? of course im always looking out for myself first too - so just looking for advice or offers to present to him soon - thanks

(i dont want to disclose what im paying now - so your answers wont be influenced) (57 lots)