Manager compensation for a 803 site property


I am new here and I am sure this has been asked, but here I go anyway
I have a company that is interviewing me as a senior community manager.
Part of the compensation will be on site housing and basic utilities, there is commissions paid also.
I am just curious of what they typical senior manager wage should be also for this size of community
It was 639 and has gone to 803 they are at a 97% occupancy currently and will have the expansion finished in the next year.
I have read on here that $10.00 per lot rented is a good pay, if that is true then what they are offering seems low
What I know, the manager rent is based off of a $1400.00 month rental, basic utilities. I figure to be average of $400.00 to $500.00 per month. They told be the base wage was $54000.00 and a commission of $9000.00 to 12000.00 per year. there is a 6 person staff already there that I would over see.
I have 4 years as a regional manager and 7 years as a community manager under my belt already.

I am just looking to see if anyone thinks this is fair.
The site is located in the Northern portion of Michigan.

I have looked at purchasing my own, and figure this would be a great way to find out if it something I want to do personally also.

Thanks ahead of time for any input

The formula you cited is for smaller communities that don’t require a full time onsite person. You will be working a standard 40 hour work week and should just look up what comparable positions pay at multifamily properties. Probably mid $40k’s is my guess.

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