Management Program suggestions for delegating and tracking to-do’s

I am needing help with the management of my managers and park maintenance workers for tracking what is needed and what has been completed
There has to be an easy to use program that others are using
Thanks for your help

We use our PM software (Buildium). I’ve used asana in other applications and have found it to be great

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Thanks looking at Asana now is another option and the one I use.

for project planning and keeping on top of tracking, I recommend Trello. I’ve used it and am in the process of rolling it out for all projects on all my multi family units.
Hope that helps.

Use your cell phone and follow them around and take photos and videos BEFORE and AFTER the job.
. New Rule - no photos, no pay.

We use Asana and Google Drive spreadsheets, but it’s mainly for internal use to track everything. It’s not set up for our actual field workers like contractors or handymen. I’m not familiar with Buildium or Trello mentioned above but have heard of others in the construction industry using those. Good luck with it!

He we just started using Buildium 2022 for RE portfolio 25 SFR’s / Duplexes, MHC w 45 lots.

We started with the smallest package and as we have gotten comfortable added larger packages / more options… Using it for notices, rent rolls, maintenance requests… Looking at adding their tenant screening process next.

While I don’t use it much, as we move more to the exec model, the folks doing the day to day speak well of it so far. Tenants seem to like it also.

Let us know what you decide so we can compare?


Property Management | MFI Multi-Family Innovations (

I hired Michael J. Powers about 10 years ago.
His “System” was about $1,000.00
The system is very comprehensive. It saved me years of struggle and creating custom forms.
I do not use everything but I use a lot of his system.

It helped me out. I recommend it.

I tried to look him up but I could not find him anymore. Maybe he retired?


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Would you be willing to sell me this information since I can not locate him or his business
Thank for sending

We use buildium and its by far the best we have ever used.