Malicious rumor going around in park

I just bought a park in Kansas a month ago.

Today, I hear from my park manager, that there is a rumor in the park that I am going to redevelop the park into single family homes or condos, and kick all of the tenants out within 2 years.

Sounds ludicrous, but many tenants apparently believe this and are up in arms.

How do I squash this rumor for good?

I want to send out a letter. How does this sound?

Dear Resident,
We, the owners of XYZ Estates, understand that there is a malicious rumor going around that we want to develop the land and move all the mobile homes out of the park.
This is absolutely false. We have absolutely no plans to develop the land. We are mobile home park investors. We are not developers.
We want to bring in more mobile homes to fill the vacant lots the park.
We want you to be happy in our park.
We offer a $100 reward to identify the person/people who are spreading lies about us. We will sue anybody who harms our interest in the park.

Looks good but leave out the part about filling lots and the $100 reward.

You have a typo on “fill the vacant lots IN the park”.

Put in there that you want to make it the nicest community in the city.

Wouldn’t hurt to have the manager distribute those door to door if they have good people skills.

@frankrolfe, thank you very much Frank!

There are always lot of rumors going around in these parks. It is good to send the letter out. Just dont over extend your self with sending a letter for every rumor.

In our parks, we just have the community manager tell the tenants “oh, yeah, I heard that rumor as well” and let it go. People will stop paying attention to these rumors in few weeks and get on with their stuff.

As a owner, focus on the end goal. These are mostly minor non-issues

Your wording is adversarial and unnecessary. S**t happens, some tenants dislike landlord some detest them for no reason other than their resentment of authority.
Don’t let that or rumors bother you. They do not effect your business plans.

I would not even bother acknowledging the rumor. There is no advantage to you in acknowledging you have heard any rumors. Just send out a letter introducing yourself as the new owner and tell your residents what your general plans are for the community.
Nothing specific just your plans for improvement. Your goals regarding resident security etc.


Also be suspicious of the Manager as they are sometimes part of the problem. The letter is a good way to go for now.

If you do keep the suing language in there you could dovetail into politics by adding some Trump mantra using the “make our MHP great again” slogan. Hats available for $20. :wink:

If you are doing any improvements, you can bump those to the front of the line like new signage so that way it shows you are planning to keep it as a park .

This is the best post I’ve seen in a while. You’re going to put your residents’ mind at ease by offering a “reward” for them to rat each other out? And for spreading a rumor?

Then you’re going to publicly threaten litigation against a trailer park resident you won’t even be able to prove did anything? Over a rumor that your property use might change?

Pure comedy gold!!