Make it Happen!

Did you ever wonder how you could create financial freedom for yourself, how to provide more for your family, or how to start your own business and be your own boss, well I did and I

Great post Fred, your tenacity and drive has been an inspiration for all of us. I can tell you this, I know of one man from Chesapeake, VA who I have heard tell many people about your accomplishments…Lonnie himself.

Folks, if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Fred, you certainly want to make it a point to sit at his roundtable at Mobile Home Millions. If you ask, he’ll even tell you his favorite stories of Ranita (snicker, snicker), one of his prize tenants.



I have recently found my way to this site and to the many things that are offered. I bought the two Lonnie books as well as Steve’s Book. I have started to read the Lonnie books and got to sit in on the Lonnie seminar the other day. I will tell you I am pumped and ready to do some deals. I live in San Diego and will be attending in March. Seems at initial look that I will have to look elsewhere for Lonnie deals as homes in parks here seem to range in the 100k range. I wont let that stop me if I have to do Lonnie deals out of state I will. After 12 years of working as an Engineer I quit my “JOB” Oct 31st, deciding then to have control on my own future. So I am doubley motivated to get some deals going. And the learning cant come fast enough for me. Thanks to all that post to this site and keep the incouragement coming.

Steve Due


You are truly an inspiration! It has made me so proud to see you give back so much! There are so many people that look up to you… and want to follow in your footsteps!

Get ready for a great time in San Diego at MHM 5!