Maintenance cost for handyman

What amount of general maintenance hours are required on weekly basis for different sized parks?

What is a formula or percentage of rent roll for cost?

How do you track hours? (Work order list / time sheet)

General handy man type work

Broken faucet, leaking toilet, water heater element replacement, light plumbing and electrical, picking up fallen tree branches and trash, checking for water leaks.

The typical park for sale seem to have a mix of owner occupied, RTO and POH’s

Under 25 occupied lots
25 to 75 lots
75+ lots

What is benchmark for the 40% average expenses that would fall under maintenance?

This varies on a Park by Park basis - need to know size (you could have a full time handyman which is cheaper than one operating job to job), type of Park (55+ communities will generally have lower repair %), tenants screening practices (do you run a Mobile Home Park or Trailer Park?). I have seen all Park Owned Home (POH) Parks have 30% expense ratios, and then others with 60%. It really is a case by case basis.

Most here prefer to have all Tenant Owned homes to avoid all the management overhead and downside risk associated with mobile home repairs, in which case your expenses for infrastructure repair are typically 5-10% year over year. And if someone acquires a Park with many POH’s then strategy #1 is to sell them to the tenants.

Lots of threads on this topic. Hope this helps.