Maintenance compensation

I live 2 hours from my park. I have identified a good maintenance person. I have no idea what or how to structure compensation. Any suggestions?

We have found a great maintenance person in our latest MHP purchase. The structure that we set up was:

20 hours a week (knowing that the work needed will be closer to 25-30 hours so he will hustle)

Pre-set price on labor for rehabs. We walk each home with him and determine how many days it will take to rehab. If he takes 10 days for an agreed upon price of 5 days he still only gets paid for 5 days.

On top of this, he has bought a home on lease option so most of his earnings come right back to us and we have a maintenance person onsite for any emergencies.

He takes a lot of pride in his work and is honest as the day is long! A good maintenance person can make owning a MH Park an enjoyable experience!