Maintaining wood poles- Master Metered Electric

My park is on master metered electric, which so far is not as bad as I would have expected and is definitely less of a pain than master metered water/sewer.

However, walking my park today I noticed the electrical polls definitely show heavy wear (I’m surprised the electrician I hired in due diligence never pointed this out).


Any advice on maintenance of the electrical polls? I’m guessing painting them with a wood preservative every few years should have been done? Is it still worth painting these polls with a wood preservative now, or have they reached the point it won’t help much?

Do some research, there are things that can be injected into the poles to prolong the life. Utility companies do it all the time. Even hollowed out poles can be filled.

Here are just a few examples, there are numerous different methods.

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Here’s another method

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