Main Sewer Line Built on top of mobile homes

I am buying a mobile home park of 134 pads. During inspection, we found out that the main sewer line is actually built underneath most mobile homes. The sewer line are pretty old (1950) and it is mostly made of tile (clay). We put camera and found a few places that tile has separated. The plumber said the original owner must have built the sewer line by himself without much engineering goes into it. He said we may get by with it by proactively jet the line a few times a year. The current owner seem did not have much clogs. Should I worry about it? (The plumber said to replace the whole sewer line will cost at least half a million which almost give me a heart attack.)

You got to be kidding. It is so difficult to find parks without being in flood plains or having the trouble some, outdated sewage line UNDER homes??? We know people want to buy parks but please do you have $500,000 to throw to the wind to hope maybe the problem will disappear? Really there is a lot of grieve in the changing of lines to the buyer and especially to residents. Let say you buy it and call the plumper 2-5 times a year–what happens when you want to sell–disclosure!!! and the buyers will line up wanting to buy it??? The market is being filled by some parks that would never sell to wise buyers unless we are now in a bubble with too many BUYERS. Try Bitcoin–where will that circus end??

In the event you plan to proceed you should get at least 4-6 more estimates on something of this magnitude. Need to consider options such as directional drilling contractors that can offer some options and minimize impact as part of their work.

Assuming your sewer camera footage shows you the lines of most concern would be worth considering if you can perform the upgrade in a phased manner instead of big bang (e.g. absorb as part of operations instead of coming out of pocket).

If the economics won’t support it then walk.

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I own a park with similar situation. Main line runs under a bunch of homes. No big deal.

My main sewer line runs underneath 37 homes. The sewer line is made of pvc though. No issues and not worried about it one bit. Works fine and have never had an issue.

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Check into relining existing sewer line and be proactive with what you got may go on for years and years.

my water and sewer both run under the homes, and it used to be all orangeburg, just inspect with a camera and change out a section at a time. Replace all older pipes with schedule 40 pvc and use repair couplings instead of the rubber couplings and youll eventually have it all done. Also I put in a 2 way clean out between every single home to make snaking very easy. Good luck