Mailboxes for new park

Getting new mailboxes for a park we just purchased and think home depot has best options. Do you all recommend the metal or plastic?? If you have a better recommendation as well let me know…](

I used something similar for my park… bronze color. I have had them for 7 years or so and they are holding up fine. I used metal… I don’t like the idea of plastic at all. Not sure how well that would hold up.

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The USPS will (or may) not deliver to Home Depot mailboxes. You will need to install whatever local USPS requires.


We purchased 30 Gilbralter, galvanized steel mailboxes back in 2017 and they have held up very well. We bought them on Amazon and had them delivered straight to the park. At a different park, we installed mailbox cluster boxes last Spring.

The local post office and your Township need to be involved in this decision. The two parks mentioned above are only 20 minutes apart but are in different counties, different Townships and use a different Post Office.

One Township and Post Office had nearly zero requirements. We simply installed the boxes and the mail got delivered. The other Township and Post Office had many requirements - building and zoning permits, multiple inspections, Post Office had a key management process and performed their own inspections. We also had to get written approvals from the Post Office before the Township would even look at the permits.

So, your next step is to contact your local USPS and receive direction from them. Then, talk to the Township about permitting and inspections. After all of those conversations are completed, then and only then begin sourcing your boxes. The last thing you want to do is buy materials, start the project, compete the project and then have the Township and/or Post Office knock on your door with violations.

For what it’s worth, I personally much prefer the “single family style” single mailboxes. Clusterboxes look great at first but eventually they start to deteriorate plus Township permits, inspections and additional requirements for surface, footers and bumpers make them very expensive. They require a key management process that USPS will dictate and tenants absolutely LOVE to lose their keys. It’s like their favorite thing to do.

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Thanks so much. Pictures look great!

Great writeup thanks…


It certainly seems that cluster boxes are becoming the norm for MHC’s and subdivisions. The reasoning I have heard is it reduces delivery times, which is more cost efficient for the USPS.

Please listen to Brandon’s post and contact your local USPS and confirm in writing what is and is not allowed. Every municipality is different. We have dealt with this in several areas and the rules are different. But the prices can be astronomically different. The USPS dictates this rule and you need to get it in ‘writing’.

Interesting, so to everyone that has one of these cluster mailboxes, does the post office handle the key management and replacement, or does your park management?

Park management handles it although there’s really nothing to it if you’re organized. Maybe making a replacement key every once in a while when folks lose it (make sure to charge for key & time, $50 or so). Biggest expense was just getting things organized— spare keys for each lock, etc. USPS accesses thru the back panel and just needs to have a key / approve the box if you install a new one

I think buying the Home Depot boxes are a huge mistake. Buy cluster boxes. The home depot boxes look amateur, are subject to theft and vandalism, and will look horrible in a few years. Go to and find a nice commercial cluster box.

Why are you getting new mailboxes to begin with? The postal service rarely makes that request today and it’s a big cost for little gain – the residents lose their keys all the time and pry the doors open and break them. Unless the USPS is demanding you change them out, you might reconsider.

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You can choose from items made of steel and aluminum. If the models are waterproof, they usually work well in wet environments. Meanwhile, brass will need a lot of upkeep and is a bad choice for conditions involving severe rain.