Mailbox who is responsible for the Box+post?

The mobile home my mother lives in has done nothing but raise the rent and take services away. The new money grab is a mailbox. They are charging each unit for a mailbox at each plot ( there are already boxes there, they want to improve them ? ) 100 dollars for the box and they are dropping them off and telling you to install or pay them to install.
This does not seem right, this is not an option, you have to buy a new mailbox…or be fined.

Every park is different.

I have one park where we pay for the mailboxes and we have another park where the Tenants are responsible.

I would go ask the PostMaster who they think is responsible for the mailboxes.

$100 sounds excessive unless they’re 1/4" steel. Mom and Pops owners are dwindling away.

Here, were are responsible for the mailboxes. It is up to the Postmaster, though. One of our tenants wanted to put their own mailbox in front of their lot, but the postmaster said no, because we already have the multi-boxes installed at the top of the lane. I don’t think we have the right to force a tenant to pay us for the boxes.
Check with your Postmaster and see what they have to say.

So if when she vacates the property the mailbox will go with her…