Mail how does it work in a MhP

How does the mail work in a MhP? Is it like a condo complex, a big box with diff key boxes for each unit?

I’ve seen parks that have mailboxes at each space and some have a bank of PO Boxes. I’ve even seen it where all the mail is delivered to the Park office and the Park manager fills up PO boxes from inside the office.

Most of mine have the large mailbox clusters at the managers office. But I also have one that has individual mail boxes at each residents house. I don’t like this and plan to buy mailbox clusters soon. Another one of my parks has no mail, but the tenants are given a free PO Box at the local post office.

Needless to say, I don’t think there is a definite standard, but most I’ve seen have the mailbox clusters near the managers office.

I think the most professional looking are the outdoor weatherproof pedestals. Depending on the size of the park you can do 18-20 per pedestal and bank them in a row. USPS will install a “master” lock that will open the whole unit to deliver mail efficiently. You see these in townhome communities and other multifamily setups at a common location near the road.

Here’s an example:

You have to also consider if you’re in a not so nice area… if there is a history of people taking baseball bats to mailboxes I would go a cheaper route until that has been addressed.

I have always taken responsibility for mailbox maintenance but curious if other park owners put this on their tenants…

USPS has standards you have to meet and you will not be able to open the mailboxes (only USPS has key). Also, they are not cheap.

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Our residents prefer getting their mail at their homes. I learned that when you first start occupying homes in a new community, if the first residents put up individual mailboxes at the front of their homes, the USPS will not require others to get their mail at one of those “banks” of boxes.