Luck is as luck does

I must have been born under a lucky star. Those who attended the MOM meeting in Athens, Georgia, might remember that I bought a 28’ by 48’ doublewide two days before the MOM meeting. I have had some difficulty finding a mover at first, but the home came to our mirco commmunty last Monday evening and was to be spotted the following morning. I rented that house to an elderly lady who has a fixed income that same day. I think that it helped that her daughter and family live in the community. So as of January 1, 2009, the house will be rented to her. This gives us enough time to complete the necessary renovations. Now I just need to purchase one more home so that the micro- “park” is fully occupied.


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Congrats and great job Alexander!


Way to go Alexander!!! Now rinse and repeat, Karl

have you ever noticed that “good luck” almost always happens to folks that get up early, work late, pay attention to detail, follow through on commitments, are honest, and on time??? So have I!!!LOL

Good job Alexander…very good!