Lucas County (In Ohio State) Property Taxes

Hi All,

I bought a single family home in Lucas County and closed it in March of this year. At that time of closing I got a property tax credit of 3 months. But in July 2019 I got the semi-annual property taxes bill in which I was asked to pay taxes for the July to Dec 2018(6 months). When I went back to the Title Company they told me that Lucas County property taxes have different proration and I am responsible for the Property Taxes for the last year-July to Dec 2018. I thought Seller would take of the taxes for July to Dec 2018 as he was the owner of the house during that period.Experts in this forum please let me know whether I should get the credit for 6 month or 3 months.

Thanks in advance!

Your purchase contract stipulates who pays what amount of prorated property taxes. If you disagree with the title company you should get a second opinion from an attorney who can review your contract and settlement statement.

What does this have to do with mobile homes? :slight_smile:

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