Low Water Pressure in My Park

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I’ve received feedback from some of my tenants regarding low water pressure in the park. I believe it has been a problem since I purchased the park and is not related to a break in one of the main lines. The park is also on a hill that runs away from the road where the water comes into the park so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

My question is how do I go about researching the cause of the problem? I’ve called around to different residents to get a sense of who is having a problem and the issue doesn’t appear to be isolated, at least not from the small sample size of the residents that responded to my texts. What other steps can I take to figure out the source of the problem?

Thank you for your insight.

It sounds like this is city water…maybe start with the water district?

I’d caution against asking ALL the residents…if given an opportunity to complain many of them will, even if there’s not really a problem.


The first thing I would do is check with the Water Company and ask them what the static pressure for your location should be.
The second thing I would do is check my main shut-off valve. Then I would locate the hose bib closest to the water meter and hook up one of these:
Pressure Gauge

Take a few readings at different times of the day/night. If should be close to what the Water Company said they are running the system at.

Some things to check for:

Clogged Screens in faucets. One of my parks is constantly getting very fine sand in the water lines and the sand clogs the fine screens in the faucets/shower heads.

Obstructed Water meters, Same idea as above but on the water meter. I have seen small screens on the inlet side of park meters before.

Partially closed valve. If static pressure is good but quickly falls once a line is opened then likely there is a partially closed valve somewhere. It could be a check valve or a gate valve etc. I would even check the park’s pressure regulator if you have one. In one of my properties (SFR) the pressure regulator got all clogged up with calcium and lime deposits.

Hopefully not this, but if you have old galvanized or steel pipes they may be corroded. I have seen steel pipe so corroded on the inside you could see through it.


SDGuy is spot on. Taking pressure readings at locations throughout the park will help narrow your search. I do very much doubt that you don’t have any leaks. Every park has a leak somewhere. It may be small but it’s there.


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Low pressure events are usually related to peak demand and a random static pressure reading will miss this. You need to do a 24 to 48hr pressure data logging test. Where pressure is logged or chart recorded over that period. Morning, evenings and weekends are when pressure will be low which is typically when plumber will not be onsite testing pressure