Low Water Pressure for One Mobile?

I purchased my first park in May with 31 units. It has private water and sewer.

There is one trailer which has had consistently low water pressure for about 3 years. We (me, the tenant, and plumber who has been around many years) believe it has something to do with the line going from the main to the home. The home has been tested for leaks (there was none) and no other trailer has water pressure issues.

The problem apparently started after a water break in the trailer beside it. Perhaps some sand or dirt got into the line and found its way there.

Question - any recommendations on how to address this? Does anyone know how I could try and flush this out? Hydrovacing is another (expensive) option as the line is directly underneath the trailer.

I appreciate any ideas you might have. Thanks!



When you test a line you need to test pressure and flow.

You open a known good line and let it run full tilt for say 10 minutes. Run the water in a bucket and see how many 5 gal buckets you fill. Then do the same thing to the home with poor flow / pressure. That will tell you if the line is obstructed.

We just had a low (pressure) flow house- and it was a bad gate in the valve.

The point is- everyone calls it presure- but it is almost always flow…

Post up your results.

I have some experience with water regarding isolation of water blockage causes.

To determine the location first isolate possible locations of blockage. Is the home in question the last one on the line. If not then all homes beyond the restriction would also be affected if the block is underground.

The blockage could be from the buried T to the ground level under the home.

To test it is underground remove the house connection under the home and open the valve to observe flow. If the flow is good then the obstruction is above ground in the home line. If it is a POH you are responsible if a tenant owner it is their problem.

If it is above ground first check the flow at the homes outside tape as most conect to the main line before entering the home. Good flow means the blockage is in the home low flow the blockage is between the ground and the junction of the outside tap line.

If it is in the home line check if flow is low at all fixtures (including toilet) and whether it is both hot and cold lines. If it is all fixtures and both lines the blockage is between the park line and the entry to the home before the hot water tank or every line in the home is individually blocked with hard water deposits. If it is only the hot line it is probably a blocked hot water tank, if only the cold line it is at a main point after the split to the hot water tank.

Check the filters on each tap to see if there is blockage/calcium build up.

Odds are if it is only one house on the line it is above ground in the house line itself. Hot water tank, tap filters, calcium build up in all lines, kinked main line etc.