Low water flow - well water

I have an issue with low water flow in our park. The park is serviced by well water. We replaced the well pump thinking the pressure would improve but it had minimal affect.

Additionally, there is sediment that is coming out of the lines when running the tub or the sinks.

Someone mentioned galvanized steel water lines may be the reason! Does that sound logical? How would this get fixed without a major expense?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

This is one of those situations a couple licensed well professionals need to come out and inspect your setup to give you an opinion.

Your well pump would effect replenish speed, it is your pressure tanks that most effect water pressure. What do you have in the way of pressure tanks and is the pump pressure switch properly set (on/off…30/50 psi). I do not have experience with metal pipes but would suggest that you first access the end of your buried feed line and open it wide open. You may have to access the buried line at several locations along the run if it is large system. This will allow you to see actual flow and possibly flush your line. It will not open rusted lines but will give you a better idea of the condition of the lines.

The company who replaced the pump should have done the following at installation: measure well depth, measure static water level, flow tested well with new pump, measured water level while pumping and pumped the well until water is clear of sediment before connecting back to system. With this information and pump model and depth pump is set at it is an easy diagnosis. But with out it we are all speculating. Bottom line you need a flow test at well head with well pumping level. Once you have established current output at well head then you can move out into system to diagnose what’s happening there.

If you need more help feel free to reach out.

Phillip Merrill

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