Lots of Non-Tenants Living in Tenant Owned Mobile Home

When I took over this park in the middle of last year, there was one tenant-owned home that had residing there: a formerly married husband & wife, their adult daughter & her kids. Over the past 6 months, I have seen as many as 6 other people staying there for varying amounts of time, often weeks. Then these new people have their friends visiting, so there could be as many as 15+ people hanging around over there at a time. Most of them appear to be unemployed as they just hang out all day. That is not the kind of park I am trying to promote. Moreover, its hard to tell who is a valid tenant and who is just wandering through the park.I would very much appreciate any comments or guidance as to what I can do in this situation. When I took over, I handed out new leases to all tenants, but it is my recollection that these particular tenants did not sign and return it. At this point they are on a month to month lease.

Couple of thoughts:1. Are you providing the water for free?  If so, a ‘mini-hotel’ like this can be a particular problem.  We always install meters if they are not already on the homes to bill residents for their actual usage.  I’d suggest doing the same.2. If this were a park-owned home, you’d have cause to evict because that many people would undoubtedly be doing well above normal wear-and-tear to your house. But in this case it’s a resident-owned home, so I’d be less concerned with what is going on.3. You can have your manager approach the official resident and make it clear that anyone staying more than 7 nights out of every month has to fill out an application or is just not allowed.  (Get an attorney’s quick advice on this to see if/what regulations are applicable.)  If you don’t feel you are making progress with the tenant, you could always evict, but I probably would not, unless other neighbors are complaining, or the residents are violating rules (vicious dogs, cars up on blocks, etc.)If the people in the ‘mini-hotel’ are paying for all their water usage, and not otherwise breaking rules, and other residents are not complaining about them, I’d probably do nothing about it and 'let sleeping dogs lie.'Your mileage may vary,-jl-

Some mobile home park tenants have unique lifestyles that it’s hard for non-park people to relate to. Apparently, this family has one of those lifestyles. If it’s causing you a problem, then non-renew their lease. If not, just let it go. It’s impossible in most parks to monitor who is shacking up with/staying with your tenants, and it changed daily. As long as you get your rent, and you have no complaints, and the tenant is paying their own utilities, then don’t worry about who is living with who. 

“Most of them appear to be unemployed as they just hang out all day. That is not the kind of park I am trying to promote”.
Has your plan for this community change? Are they reflective of the standards of the rest of the residents in your community?
If not then you need to either change your plan or evict them. There is no middle ground as this type of tenant is incapable of change and will only resist if you try.