Lot Sizes in MH PARK

The mobile home park I have under contract, the lot sizes are 12x60 but the lots are fairly large. What do I need to do with to make them move in ready for MH’S 14x80. The park is legal non conforming( grandfathered in). The lots are big enough to fit a newer style MH I’m just wondering what hoops I need to jump through with the city if any and also what modifications I would have to make to the lot to accommodate the bigger size MH.

The lots now have cement pads would I need to add to those original pads or is there no need to make all concrete pads for the MH to be set on??

This was a good thread on the topic: Park does not meet current setback and spacing ordinances

I’d suggest you see if you can fit a 16 wide too - they feel so much bigger than a 14 wide inside and are more desirable. I expect the city would want you to use the same materials that are out there already, if not more. Additionally, you’ll probably have to upgrade to 200 amp panels from the 50’s that are probably out there today. One final item - if you’re replacing a bunch of 1BR homes with 3BR homes make sure your utilities can handle the increased overall occupancy.

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