Lot Rent Comp Map of the US

Hi All,
We are doing lot rent comps for this year to figure out market rents, and I thought I would share this map I created which it seems has decent adoption ~7000 views, not bad.

The general format is:

lot rent, what utilities are included, date of the comp


$350 (SW), Utilities not included, 07/30/2021

$375 (DW), Utilities not included, 07/30/2021



I think you are on to something here. Wouldn’t it be nice if an electronic system could be developed where everyone could chime-in with their local rent levels and related data so as to build a big, self-updating data base, available to everyone at no charge? There are plenty of similar arrangements in other fields, such as group Internet users finding and posting great hiking spots and vehicle drivers reporting traffic issues to GPS electronic road maps…

My only concern is that this could be considered as a monopolistic move or some other govt body looking at it and saying that it is non-competitive and would allow owners to collude on rents…

Just my 2 cents. I like that idea, but sometimes “others” may not.

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Monopoly? This country is overflowing with them. FB, Twitter, Utility companies etc…This will be a blip on that map.

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Publishing your rental rates and making a map is not illegal. Just check out Craigslist for Rental Rates. You can pretty easily compare your rents to your competitors.

The practice of Price Fixing is illegal. It would require a group of Park Owners to have an agreement to set Rental Prices.


So very true! This wouldn’t be a big deal whatsoever. Heck, my auto insurer has da*n apps that collect data on how I drive! Not only is that monopolistic, its an invasion of privacy.

@Corbay - this would be a “blip” on the map, for sure.

@asmith4981 how do we add our data to your map?

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I am not saying that it would be a huge issue, but housing and politics can sometimes create some interesting dynamics.

I am not against it.

Yeah, it used to allow anyone to add to it, but it seems google changed their platform. I’ll see if I can figure it out.

Hello, I notice there is no info for NH. Our rent is 440/mo Rockingham county
S/W incl. Trash incl. Electric not incl

Ok, I think anyone can edit it now - let me know if you can edit it:

I tested this, and it is working now. So everyone, fill out your lot rents!
Here is the example format:
$350 (SW), Utilities not included, 07/30/2021

$375 (DW), Utilities not included, 07/30/2021

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Thanks again for reposting this. Recall you posting it previously