Loosing my mind

First off I want to thank everyone on here for the very informative information, its been a great help. All of my properties are in ocala. 38 units total. My problem is that i bought 3 properties in 8 months (18 units). All need tlc. Deal i tought were to good to pass up. 5 units for 74k. 7 units for 165k seller held note for 155(10k down). and 6 units for 85k. Seller held note also with 10k down. feed back on these deals? Rehabing them is so exspencive. sucking every dollar out of me. The good news is that as soon they are done they rent. Plus the tents are loosing their jobs left and right. Plus when they leave the place is a wreck. I have to repair and rerent. It seams like can never catch up.