Loopnet Premium - Quick Question

While I recognize that the most opportunistic deals may not come from Loopnet or mobilehomeparkstore.com, they still have listings that are worthwhile. Mobilehomeparkstore is very easy to search and is free. Loopnet, however, charges the user $75/month to view ALL properties. Has anyone benefited from this “premium membership”? Unfortunately, I’m assuming the answer is yes, and I’ll be paying loopnet $75/month…Thanks in advance.

I’ve been refusing to pay on principal. I don’t have to pay fees to browse or buy on eBay or Amazon, a car dealer doesn’t charge me just to walk his lot, I think they’re pretty darned arrogant to charge a fee that high. The vast majority of the properties can be found elsewhere.

Don’t forget, that’s $75 a month for an entire year!!!

I know Loop Net reviews all parks that enter their system for possible ownership since part of their group is also in the park business which might be true??? for The Park Store I believe with Loop Net you are stuck with a year’s contract and their variety of buyers and sellers is very diverse and parks are not their headliner and ZERO on park operations!!!

I do not and would not pay.

So here is the benefit- and for the record I pay for premium membership. If a premium member ‘lists’ a property- everyone can see it.If a non premium member ‘lists’ a property- only a premium member can see it. So when I list I want everyone to have access… and when I look I want to see everything. As for MHPS. I do not pay for the early access. Lots of reasons for this but one biggie- I just do not enjoy a foot race to a listing. If the deal is that great there will probably be a bidding war etc… There are way too many great deals out there to get at you do not have to reply too within minutes in order to put the under contract. In fact- I happen to think the best deals are on the parks that have been listed the longest. They are just itchin for any offer… just my 2 cents, keep the change

I think by the time they have been listed the good deals have already been taken

So I do look at the listings, and I see parks for sale. Are some listed higher than I will offer- you bet. The key here is- I will make offers. I look for a park with all the right stuff, location, number of lots etc and I just make a fair offer. So right- some say no, and guess what - some say yes. If your looking for deals to be under priced and fall in your lap- well it happens- if you really know where and how to dig… the problem is- digging is work also. I sort of look at a listing as just saying “I am for sale”. The price- who knows how they came up with it, and really who cares. It might take 50 offers to put one great deal under contract, and the good news is with electronic delivery- you do not even kill one tree. One more thing- not everything in life is free. Sometimes you pay for access, and if you choose not to pay- well that pot of gold is just that much harder to get. The 5 parks I have right now- here is how the leads came my way-bird dog (flipped contract), MHPS listing, Loopnet, bird dog (flipped contract), direct mail… lots of ways to find deals… I am not sure what your comments on the pills and women are… no one chases after me… no pill would cure that. 

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