Looking to purchase new mobile homes to fill vacancies

I am looking into buying a couple of mobile homes to fill some of our vacant lots. Do you have any recommendations on who to purchase from and any financiing information? Any and all help would be appreciated!

i am looking to fill lots too. did you get any info/advice?

Manufacturers are selling the bulk of new MH’s to the volume buyers. Mom and Pop owners and small new investors are pretty well screwed for '22. Used market is next to non-existent.

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My advice: wait for the institutional buyers that are infilling in terrible markets to go belly up. You’ll be able to pick up great homes for 20 cents on the dollar once they hand back the keys. Don’t overpay for homes!

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Wont that take years? Tough to fill lots.

FWIW - last year I founded a new licensed manufactured home dealership in western NC to serve a new local community we’re putting together.

We now offer new homes with 6-8 month delivery times so hopefully 2022 will not be a total bust. That said, we expect higher volumes and shorter lead times in 2023 and beyond.

Happy to help anyone on the forums as appropriate.

Would be interested in hearing mors