Looking to partner or pay birddog fees

Good Morning,

My name is Eric Anderson and I have attended Steve and Corey’s boot camp back in the spring. Since then I have been searching the southeast for a park to buy and have still not locked anything up. I have made several offers and I practically know where every Huddle House in Georgia is but still nothing under contract. I would like the opportunity to partner or pay a fee to a birddog. My requirements are many but for introductory purposes I am looking for 60 - 110 spaces in the southeast, south, or mid west with a large upside for further development. A turnaround that is turned in the right direction would be ideal but beggers can’t be choosers. Please feel free to e-mail me and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Eric Anderson

Hello Eric,

I have a 99 unit MHP in Oklahoma City under contract. My time is running out because I had an investor who could not come up with the money when needed. The seller is getting very anxious.

If you are interested in something like this send me an email or call me @ 916-792-4060.

This is a turn around park. It has 40 spaces that are renting the lots, 40 park owned trailors and 8 abondoned. Overall it is about 50% occupied.

I have the financials and some pictures. It is not pretty but it is in the City and there is a lot of activity in the area.

I was planning on running it myself with a money partner but I hace since bought a park in Mississippi and will be here for a few months with this park instead.

I look forward to talking with you.