Looking to join the right team

I’ve been in the MH space for a while now and have helped identify, finance, and operate more than 10 communities. I’m looking to join a team that is looking for someone with the expertise the help them grow.

No matter if you are a well established team or new to the business, I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how we can potentially work together to take your business to the next level.

shoot me an email - stevendsegal@gmail.com

I have an old empty MHP in Leesville, Louisiana.
Would you be interested in working with me to restore it to it’s full potential?
It is 37 acres, inside the city limits, 100+ potential spaces.
Needs $$ for infrastructure repairs and experienced management person or entity.
No current debts liens. Will JV with experienced person or sell outright with owner financing.
Very motivated to move forward with this initiative asap.
John Facey
469 507-1694

Did you ever decide where you are going to land?

Would love to discuss, please send a CV.

James Cook
Yale Advisors

Contact me. inthesaddleestates@gmail.com

Hello -

I am interested in learning from someone with expertise and potential partnership opportunities.