Looking to buy a Park


I am looking to buy a park. Here are the parameters:

  • Meets the 60 - 30 rule (or very close)

  • 75 - 150 spaces

  • Vacancy of 50-30%

  • Location is flexible

  • Turn arounds are fine

I’m completely open to partners, a local entrepreneur, etc., In fact, I would prefer to have partners, however it is not necessary.

I’m also open to buying into an existing Park that may require a boost of energy, management, and capital.

My requirement with partners is that they have absolute integrity and a desire to create a park environment that is safe, managed well, and serves the needs of decent residents and the investors.

My background is in commercial real estate investment, development, and construction. Most importantly, I am a proud graduate of Boot Camp.

If you are aware of a park that meets the above please let me know.

Thanks everyone,