Looking to buy a new mobile home, how to get the best deal

Looking to buy a mobile home to keep on the property for myself, I visited some local dealer websites and they cost up to over 100k. I do recall Frank stating he was at a show recently and they have very nice ones starting at 20k?

I tried to do a search but nothing came up, any advice or link to that article would be appreciated. Looking to pay cash and get a nicer 3br im down in Houston. Is the general markup like the RV industry (30% off retail pricing)? In the car industry there is trucar.com where they tell you OTD prices people are paying, anything similar for mobile homes?

You have only 2 options on new.

  1. Buy direct from factory at invoice. TruMH by Clayton Home is the least expensive in the US. It’s bare bones basic, nothing fancy. 2 bedroom/1 bath Dempsy model 14x56 (just renamed something else) will cost you about $16,500- $17,000 delivered to you and dropped at an easy location. Factory drivers are not good enough to spot on your lot in your park generally. You must have a dealers license to buy at this price.

  2. Same house as above. Buy new from a dealer and negotiate. No dealers license needed.If you want delivery, set up, central a/c and skirting, and utilities hooked up, expect to pay $30K-32k. They will want to make about $5000-$7000 or more as a profit if you pay cash.

Thanks for the response, so if we dont have a dealers license only option is to go through a dealer?

Yes that is correct.