Looking to build database for Cold Calling Off Market MHP (and Multifamily) Properties

Hi Everyone,

I got a lot of great insight in my last post and was hoping to get some help on this regard as well. I searched the forum for old posts that could help with this question but haven’t found exactly what I was looking for.

I am currently trying to get in front of potential mom and pop owners of mobile home parks by mainly cold calling. What would be the easiest way to find the information to create a spreadsheet of:
-owner contact info
-size/total units
-what it last sold for

The main issue is quickly finding the MHPs/Apartment buildings in a state that matches your criteria (i.e. MHP in Alabama with 60+ lots/Apartment building with at least 50 units built 80s or later).

If there is a main public database or something that could expedite the process would be great. Right now it seems like google search and mhvillage.com for parks in a certain area with lot amounts is the closest thing that you can get for free/cheap. I appreciate any insight you all have!

Google maps and county tax assessor.

I have recently done this for ~30 states and can share insight. It has taken us about 9 months and a bunch of $.

I’m open to sharing data if you’d like to partner up on working the leads in markets of interest. Send me an email at “JJacobus” at “LoneJuniperCapital” dot com and we can discuss further.

What markets are you most interested in?

Retracting my previous message.

Mobile Home Park Database of 45K+ MHP’s – Search Home | Snickfish, LLC

Scroll to the bottom, click the state you need or click the master file. Enter your email. Voila – National MHP Database in your inbox.

Hope that helps!

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Most parks have eyes on them and most are sophisticated buyers. Most brokers are also park owners and perhaps better realtors for being park owners. For instance the creator of this form has a potential to see any property first and decide to buy . Most park owners know there local market very well and if a seller is selling they have make a visit to the owner prior to the actual sale and perhaps moved on. Most realtors also have pocket listings and presently most parks for sale on this form have less than 60 sites, low rent area and POHs. We spend 3 years looking for last park we recently purchased and a broker came to us about the property. Brokers have little time for a first time buyer and the DD time needed. The last park DD was less than 2 days and all cash. We have other interest besides MHP but have been part of our business model for over 35 years. For instance a very experienced ELEVATION syndication has half of their ownership in storage units besides mobile home parks. Keep you eyes open to good deals in real estate; there is a big world besides MHPs to become very wealthy.


Spot on Carl, thanks for the insight!


I filled out the form on the website and have not received anything. Maybe there was an error or does it take time?


@WarnerNAI – Thank you for letting me know about that! Just had the dev team take a look and the problem is fixed.

You guys should be good to go for downloading any of the database sheets.


SupplySider - I’d be interesting in exploring synergies, as I’m willing to do intensive telemarketing to contacts on your lists. I’m searching for a certain profile of park, so no doubt will turn up leads relevant to many other uses. Check your inbox. You should have something from me. Just reply if you are interested. BillB