Looking for tip/mentor

Looking for a mentor

I am a recent high school graduate with a desire to get into mobile home parks. I have listened to many of the MHU podcast out there in addition to reading Commercial real estate handbook.

I have cold called hundreds of MHP’s in my region and have found a very suitable off the books park owned by a long time individual that is ready to retire and sell the property. We have been in contact for over a month and are scheduled to check out the property late next week. I have a coinvester with established credit who is ready to sign onto the deal and I have investors that are willing to help me meet a loan down payment if I can bring a deal to the table, but no one in my social circle has any experience with MHP investing, so I don’t really have anyone to turn to with questions.

I am aware of the formulas and factors to help arrive at an initial offer, but as I inch closer towards that gametime move, I would love to have an experienced mentor in the MHP world to be able to turn to with questions and specific concerns about this particular property.

If anyone out there would be willing to take 20 minutes out of there day to hop on a call with me and talk through some concerns I have, that would be extremely appreciated!



Because you have such a great first name, I would very much like to help. Just kidding…

PM me your phone and/or email. I currently own several parks in the Midwest and have been in the business for about 10 years now. I’m happy to share my experience and help in any way.