LOOKING for Texas wastewater expert

I am looking for someone knowledgeable about wastewater /sewer lines to determine whether the lines are a municipality’s responsibility or landowner’s responsibility. Since property was annexed ages ago the city took care of them but does not want to anymore.

If that person knows land use laws that would be a plus. Any referrals would be appreciated.

During or Pre-annexation there are sometimes development agreements that stipulate these types of arrangements between a landowner and city. The duration of these can be up to 40 years for ag purposes so suppose could apply elsewhere for non-ag. I had a property going through annexation recently so understand that part of it. Post annexation seems could be a lot of variables…

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert just have a nugget or two to think about. Good luck.

Hello. The city had no development agreements with any of the previous owners. The city stopped sewer maintenance and began asking for a post nuptial agreement after 16 years in business having my company pay all maintenance expenses the homeowners ask for. I refused to sign that agreement so the city has decided that it wants to abandon the system altogether and has installed a water meter outside the property line and intends to begin reading that meter and send me the bill although my name is not on it. I won’t be able to pay that bill since it would be as if I accept the master meter so 44 homeowners and myself are in hot water and I need someone that understands wastewater collection systems because I am trying to prove to the State it is . Thank you for your reply.