Looking for someone to move a double wide in michigan

i have a double wide near Detroit i need broke down , moved and reset in my park near the Ohio line . it’s a 28 x 60 just off major hwy at both locations . if anybody know’s a mover that could help me out it would be vary much appreciated .

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Now that Michigan is a HUD state you could try this:

I’d give you a personal referral but all of the movers I know are in West Michigan.

thank you ,Noel_S . thought this was such a grate deal on this home till i tried to get it moved . now i know why ! hopefully i’ll find one that’s not already on my called list .

No problem, good luck!

If you end up passing on the home or don’t want to move it after all feel free to reach out - I’m semi regularly buying homes near Detroit since there are so few left in West Michigan.

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@lths - I’ve had several issues like this before too. I’d call the dealers in the area and they might pass along their mover info.