Looking for smart water meters I can read myself

Hello all,

We are currently using meteron for a couple of our parks but are looking for a smart water meter that we can install and connect to remotely to read without going through a third party management company. Any ideas?

I have seen flows.com but never tried them. Would be interested in hearing how it works out.

Badger beacon meters with orion cellular endpoints.

You have to buy the software (expensive $3000 to $5000) and pay for the monthly cellular conductivity ($0.89ish per meter) but. Once you buy software you can use it on all your parks.

No submeter charges from 3rd party
Meters are brass bodies more robust than plastic, badger has been around for ever.
You call pull the data anytime you want

Meters are brass therefore more expensive than metron.
Software start up cost is painful only cost effective at scale. It is going to be take forever to pay off software

You could also do fixed network radio to read the meters but antenna costs verses cellular fees makes radio expensive on small scale

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We provide solutions as you’ve described it. Please get in touch so I can describe in more detail.


Would you mind passing along the approx all-in cost on a per meter basis (non-inclusive of software)?