Looking for reasonable new and used homes in the midwest

Does anyone have any suggestions for finding many decent used homes in or around Nebraska. I am also interested in finding a good source for new homes. I seem to be getting prices for new homes 16x80 delivered for around $30,000 but was hoping for something a bit more reasonable as I need about 80 homes. Is that what others are paying? Anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris.

we have a lot of good homes available in SW Michigan. Check out the repo information at www.mfghomeinfo.com or www.repoconsultants.com. Call or e-mail me with specific wants and needs. We are here to help.


Marc Faulkner


I would call Bo (Mobile Home Concepts) at 325-864-3031 for repos. He has really good relationships with Vanderbilt, Greentree, etc. He is out of Texas but has helped investors buy homes outside of Texas.

For new homes, I would look at Fleetwood. I would call Steve Quick (Fleetwood). Fleetwood builds a great home and they can connect you with GE Capital to provide financing. The 16’ x 80’ is in the low 20’s.

Steve Quick

Fleetwood Homes






I am happy to talk with you about wholesale prices on manufactured homes.


Where are you in NE? Just curious - we have a park near Grand Island and have been finding used homes in the newspaper.