Looking for Property Across the Country

I have several qualified buyers looking for mobile parks, apartments and self-storage across most parts of the country. Particular interest in: TX, FL, OK, TN, AK, WV, GA, NC, SC.

Some buyers are looking for property as low as $500 thousand, but more looking in the range of $2 million and up.

If you have a property you would like to consider selling, or know of one for sale feel free to contact me with some basic details.

Brief Description

City, State of Subject

Number Units Occupied/Available (if mobile park, how many park-owned units)

Approximate Sales Price

Finders Fee always available.

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Passed on the information. Thanks.

Sorry to hear you have had that kind of experience. I would never post your information to the public. I work with a few investors who are quite respectful of other’s time and preferences for selling. I typically give a brief description of the property:


50 unit apt in Tampa, FL, $2.5 million purchase, 98% occupied (sometimes a cap rate based on actuals as well)

100 pad mobile home park in Houston, TX, $1.8 million purchase, 90% occupied, 50 mobiles on notes

If investor shows interest about the project I ask the seller if it is alright that I connect them. At that point, after conversations ensue, I pass on more detailed information about the numbers.

Hopefully that is an acceptable way to present a project. Typically I will be offering this basic information on 4 or 5 properties at a time to each investor. Good properties are hard to come by for a good buyer. Good buyers are hard to come by for a seller with a good property. I just try to accommodate the process.


I have a client who is interesting in selling his mobile home parks

They are located in the following areas:

Dayton TN

Athens Tn

Crossville TN

Georgetown TN

Soddy Daisey TN

Florence AL

Opelika AL

Mayfield KY

I have the P&L information available for interested/qualified buyers.

the parks range in size and homes.

Prices on the parks range from 200k to 3 mil

Let me know if y’all know anyone who would be interested and I can send along particulars on each park.